Created to share and inspire existing and upcoming turntable enthusiast. Skratcher was formed to allow people to explore the art and beauty of Turntablism as a community. Bringing the “Bedroom DJ” out to the open and given a chance to share his/ her musical expressions.

The SKRATCHER event series is a medium for turntable enthusiasts to unite as a community, to showcase talent, and to progress the overlooked art form of Turntablism. Our event aims to provide an audience for upcoming and existing turntablists and to facilitate the resurgence of “scratch DJs”. Starting with the Vancouver music community, SKRATCHER hopes to gain momentum by providing “Bedroom DJs and Producers” with an opportunity to share their musical expressions. Founded by Paul SkratchMike MSA & Wundrkut. Skratcher has been blessed by world class DJs such as, D-Styles (ISP/The Beatjunkies), Mista-B (4onefunk/SF), Battlestar Crew (2012 US DMC Team Champs) and more.


SKRATCHER and Beyond… The success of SKRATCHER showed us the support for turntablism as an art within the Vancouver community. Over 200 DJs, producers, and music enthusiasts attended SKRATCHER and participated in the resurgence of scratching.

In the future we hope to build off the momentum of SKRATCHER and progress the quality of our events and initiatives. The ALMIGHTY and SKRATCHER names will not only be the force behind turntablism growth, but will also be the lifestyle brands of this artistic movement. Under these two banners we will develop bigger events, provide better venues, facilitate music communities, create lifestyle merchandise, and be product ambassadors for the audio and music industries. Through exposure via online and offline media, connection with turntablist, producer, and overall music communities, and through the acquisition of sponsorships, we will continue to progress the SKRATCHER events and, in turn, progress the turntablist scene in Vancouver and beyond.


It started off in a small garage in Surrey, BC back in ʼ97. Powered by 6 turntables, 6 mixers, and a huge electricity bill, this was a weekly routine for Paul (Paul Skratch) and Mike (Mike MSA). Inviting like-minds from all around the country to join in with the sessions. This sparked similar jam sessions around west coast Canada.

Now, instead of a small garage, SKRATCHER has become the destination spot where everyone and anyone can have the opportunity to express themselves. Gathering the experienced and the up-coming turntablists to inspire and share their styles and techniques with each other. With over 200 scratch enthusiasts in attendance, there is without a doubt that the scratch culture is alive in Vancouver.

Pay it forward…

SKRATCHERʼs main focus is the community. Whether providing products to compliment the needs for the DJ culture, or to help the youth express themselves musically through the turntable. Hoping that by our youth workshops, this will provide a vehicle for youthʼs to be creative.

Working together to reach the same goals. Weʼve teamed up with like minds to help further the scratch community.

  • Calgary, AB – Est. July 2015
  • Edmonton, AB – Est. June 2015
  • Hamilton, ON – Est. January 2016
  • Montreal, QB – Est. July 2015
  • Toronto, ON – Est. September 2013
  • Vancouver, BC – Est. September 2010
  • Victoria, BC – Est. June 2015
  • Winnipeg, MB – Est. February 2015
United States
  • Atlanta, GA – Est. November 2015
  • Chicago, IL – Est. July 2015
  • Detroit, MI – Est. May 2015
  • Los Angeles, CA – Est. July 2015
  • Miami, FL – Est. July 2015
  • Modesto, CA – Est. February 2016
  • New Jersey, NJ – Est. January 2016
  • Seattle, WA (PT Division) – Est. June 2016
Dominican Republic
  • Athens, Greece – Est. December 2015
  • Jakarta, Indonesia – Est. May 2016
South Korea
  • Seoul, South Korea (PT Division) – Est. June 2016
  • Madrid, Spain – Est. January 2016