Skratcher presents: WILD CUTS – the world’s first online portable scratch battle. This contest is open to all portable set up and configurations any portable turntable (ie/ Vestax Handy Trax or Numark PT-01 and portable fader (ie Raiden Fader or Frisk Fader).
Email skratcherwildcuts@gmail.com to register!


FORMAT: (4 Rounds overall)
  • Qualifier 90 seconds
  • Quarter final 90 seconds
  • Semi final 90 seconds
  • Finals 2 rounds 90 seconds
    *No changing of pitch or BPM of selected beats
  • Any portable turntable (ie/ Vestax Handy Trax, Numark PT-01)
  • Any portable fader (ie/ Raiden Fader, Frisk Fader, JDDX2R)
  • 7″ record turntables only
  • Vinyl only (Scratch samples)
  • Competitor must record their video entry in 1 take (No editing)
  • Videos to be uploaded to Youtube (with directed title and info “Skratcher – Wild Cuts Year : Your DJ Name – Round # “)
  • No use of effects
  • Beats are provided by the Wild Cuts 2015 Looper (Available on the Tablebeats App from the iTunes store or online at Tablist.net)
  • Beats cannot be altered (ie/ pitched up or down)
JUDGING (Entries will be scored on the following categories):
  • Musicality (Creative style / flow)
  • Technicality (cleanliness / control)
  • Originality (Phrasing)